Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman, an awardwinning director and photographer born in Washington DC in 1977. I came across an article in BBC’s Wildlife magazine. The article was about his book titled “Creatures”. The book contains a series of portarits of animals. the animals are photographed individually against a white background.

I also found another article similar to the one in the magazine online at the daily telegraph:

Here Zuckerman quotes “When a subject is stripped from its context, its behaviour, rather than its purpose, is all that remains”

You look at the animals diferently and the images are able to really show their charecters and you can connect with them.

This series really interest me for the mere fact that the photogrpaher was able to get these animals in to the studio and get such stunning shots. that do not look like the animals are scarred or nervous. Photographing animals requires patience and time and still it is very difficult. Yet Zuckermans photos are perfect and beautiful.

His recent work is titled “Wisdom” a series of portraits and a 60 min film. Based on the idea that the greatest gift that man can pass down to the next generation is wisdom they have gained through experience. The series includes those people who have left their mark on the world. there are some very interesting flims on this website about how they made the series aswel.

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