Feminism & Photography

Feminism is a movement for women’s equal rights. Feminism is talked about in three waves. The first wave being in the 19th and 20th century which was mainly to gain political rights and the fight for women’s right to vote.

Suffragettes March in NY 1912

The second wave during the 60’s and 80’s concentrated on social and cultural inequalities as well as political. And the third wave which began in the 90’s and is ongoing in the present day is about the continuation of feminist movements and accomplishing any failures of the second wave. Mainly including women of all races and backgrounds, as the second wave was only carried out by white middle class women.

Due to this movement, women’s place in society has changed through time. From housewives and mothers, to working women with powerful jobs. The third wave is also associated with lesbian rights these days. Still today a lots of issues need to be addressed better. I found this poster on the internet addressing feminist issues by Fireangle.

There is a female art group called the Guerilla Girls and they address all feminist and racist issues. They fight against discrimination. They point out that compared to male artists women are rarely seen as successful, and that a lot of galleries would only display male work. There is more mention of men in history than of women. So they make posters, stickers, publications etc to bring the issues to light. They are anonymous women and in public they appear in Gorilla masks.


Photography is very useful in highlighting these aspects of life, and many photographers are involved in taking photos to highlight these issues, for example Nan Goldin and her photographs of domestic violence.

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