Modernism & Post Modernism

Modern thoughts. Throught history the culture of the western society has been changing. the term modernerism is often used for this. The term refers to those who left the traditional forms of art behind. proceeding with experimentation with form and the uses of material. Moving away from pretty paintings and romanticiezed art.

Photographers in the Modernist movement would include Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Imogen Cunningham to name a few.

Edward Weston

Imogen Cunningham

Post Modernism of also known as Pomo is the “after modernism movement” although modernism is to do with the goings on of the present day. its to do with in realation to the past. Pomo includes the social and cultural issues of today aswell and in a way reacts to the old ideas of moernism.

Pomo came about as a movement against the lack of blandness and hostility in modernism itself. The belief that modernism should be about politics society and culture. Some think it takes away the art from them work.

I found and interest discussion on the internet about the ideas held by Pomo’s:

i perticulary like this part

” –things the post-modernists know nothing about; they would prefer to frame a piece of feces and call it a “photograph” and discuss all the theoretical issues it raises. Then, print your photos with technical competence and virtuosity and write a short essay to the effect that the meaning in these photos is not contained in any accompanying words and theories, but rather it’s right there in the photos, available to anyone willing to show up and sit through them. “

Intersting point they make.

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