Philip Lorca diCorcia

American photographer Phillip Lorca diCorcia born 1951. His photographs are either snapshots or on the other hand elaboratly staged. He came about in the 70’s just as conceptual photography was finiding its footing.

“Hustlers” is a series of photographs where diCorica has asked random people to pose for a photograph. They were paid the amount they asked for. When exhibited, under each photograph was the amount they were paid for their time and the location. This giving the implication that they were like “prostitutes”.

“Eddie Anderson, 21 years old; Houston, Texas; $20”

In the article above it does mention that the boys look more like home sick college boys than prostitutes but the captioning of the photo would easily help to direct your mind.

Here is an interesting article on Lorca diCorcia’s work relating to modernism and post modernism:

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