Photography Project | Celebrities in Indian

My very first year at University, we were set out a challenging project to complete over the Christmas period. This was to photograph a person who is famous. The brief was to ensure the photographs are to be negotiated portraits and not paparazzi style. I was stunned reading the brief and left thinking how could I possibly complete this task.

Paparazzi Style vs. Negotiated Portraits:


The last two portraits here are by Photographer Rankin which are clearly planned and negotiated.

I wanted to do something different and exciting. We had the Christmas break to work on this project and my mum was going on holiday to Mumbai, India which sparked the idea to photograph an Indian celebrity.

Before going to India I confirmed with my cousins the possibility of this. I went to India for two weeks with the idea that I would photograph anyone and everyone that would be willing to meet with me. The more people I met the better.

The first person I photographed was Dr M Kataria a master of Laughter Yoga Therapy which was recently shown on The Apprentice. I had no idea what I was doing and I felt under pressure. I took a few shots and left. Strangely it didn’t get any easier, I continued to feel the pressure of getting good shots quickly in a short time frame.

The most fun shoot was on set of a TV Drama called C.I.D. The actors and everyone involved with the shooting really made me comfortable. The lead actor Mr Shivaji Satam was someone I had seen on TV and in movies many times and it was an honor to photograph him.

I also met the actress Shubhavi on the C.I.D set who I had also previously seen acting in another TV Drama Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi – she played an antagonist and the character was disliked greatly.

Here are there photos:

By that stage, I had become more comfortable with my camera functions and flash gun and I was finally thinking a little faster about what settings I could use in certain lighting conditions. Being under pressure helped me learn and remember things I wasn’t able to grasp just by being told to or just reading about.

The most stressful shoot has to be the one on set of a movie production later on in the week. I had to wait around the whole day until the actors were a little free from shooting scenes. Eventually I did get some photographs but I also had to sit in some takes as an extra. I photographed the actors Ranbir Kapoor (an upcoming superstar from a well known celebrity family), Upin Patel (a North London born actor/ model) and Govind Namdeo (an older and much experienced actor) to name a few. I have to say I appreciate movies a little more now seeing how long it takes to make one scene.

(Photos to come)

In total I photographed around 15-19 people over two weeks it was a lot of running up and down from North, South and Central Mumbai to meet everyone and if I had stayed a week longer I would have met more people and some even more famous.

Amazing project which proved to be a great learning experience and also a great trip to Mumbai, India.

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