Sam Taylor Wood

Cry Man Portraits not only shows men at a vunerable state but celebrity men. Sam Taylor Wood has shone light on a dark area. It is asummed that many men would not like to be seen this way. Maybe this is true but the fact that these men are crying in these photos makes me wonder if maybe they would actually like to cry now and again. On the other hand they are actors so they could be acting very well.

Here are some links to articles and photographs from the series.
Self Portraits Suspended:

Taylor wood has taken a series of self portairst of her suspend in air balaning in a chair or hanging by balloons. Originally she is help up by suspension leads and then later these are removed from the photo. What is interesting is that she does this in a vest top and shorts so the shape of the body is seen clearly and the shadown is crisp and exentuated. This is a vey differwent stle of self portairts.

A good place to read about her and her works is at the white cube galleries website.