Catching up with…

…Life, learning, creating, and enjoying!

I haven’t written in 7 years, and I haven’t changed my job in over 8 years. I hardly ever share my work, but I hope that’s all about to change.

I quit my job in Jan 2016! It was daunting and liberating all at the same time. It was time for a change, to make a move and to progress on to new things.

While moving on to better things I have also noticed things I’d like to share from some time ago. So firstly I’d like to share the rest of my photos from my trip to Bombay, India in 2009.

I have a previously imported a post from blogger about the project set to me while I was studying BA (Hons) Photography at University of East London. The project was set in the first year during Christmas break and I have heard that this brief is still given, from a current student.

Please see the previous post from April 2009 for more details on the brief.

I’d like to mention that I would never have been able to meet these people if it hadn’t been for my amazing cousin’s and their friend’s. I barely had one week before flying back to London and everyone as busy schedules. I won’t mention names as they know who they are. They took time out for me and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

In this post, I will share the rest of the photos, and I hope you enjoy my experience.

Delzan Wadia


Delzan Wadia is a Bollywood actor who was seen in Hindi movies like Phir Aik Sazish. Delzan was the first person I met,  through one of my cousins. Delzan was able to get me a meeting with the Laughter Guru (mentioned in the previous post) and Preeti Jhangiani.

Preeti Jhangiani


Preeti Jhangiani is an Indian model and actress is known for role in  Mohabbatein and Awara Paagal Deewana. Preeti was lovely she was very welcoming and encouraging towards my photography studies.

On set of the TV Drama C.I.D


Another cousin arranged for me to go on the set of C.I.D which is a crime investigation tv drama on Sony TV, which has been airing since 1998.  I met the cast and the crew, everyone was extremely welcoming especially the lead actor Shivaji Satam. I was able to follow them around for the afternoon through filming, make up and even a small birthday celebration for a member of staff.

Bollywood Film Set – Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani


My other cousin who I stayed with and helped me meet so many people in such a small time also got me the chance to go on set of a Bollywood movie through a friend who knew the second assistant director.  The atmosphere of the movie set was busy and full of pressure, we had to sit around for hours while they worked on take after take. Until the actors had breaks and I could approach them. I met Ranbir Kapoor the lead male actor of this movie. He has starred in many movies and comes from a family of actors. Upen Patel plays second lead, he is an actor and model form london like me. I quickly me Govind Namdeo and Dolly Bindra who met me between takes. I also saw Katrina Kaif who was the female lead, but since it was her scene that was being shot I didn’t disturb her.

More amazing people I met

I was fortunate enough to meet with 19 people in 9 days it was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Here are three more notable people who I had the opportunity to meet.


Sukumar Biswas

A scientist and former senior NASA research associate, he gave me a copy of the book he wrote “Cosmic Quest”

Sagar Sarhadi

Sagar Sarhadi, is a short story, play writer, director, and producer. He is most known for Bazaar and Kabhi Kabhi  and many other scripts.

Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan 

Ustad Halim Jaffer Khan is a sitaar player and has received national awards Padma Shri (1970) and Padma Bhushan (2006). I met him through my granduncle who is also an author. Ustad Halim Jaffer Khan played the sitaar for me during my visit, although he is hard of hearing he, of course, played beautifully, it was truly an amazing experience.

Here are a selection of photos a took around Bombay. Bombay is a very busy city and there are

Bombay is a very busy city and there are lots of crowds. Some people may find this off-putting, however, I find that is Bombay’s charm.